Contextual Marketing Will Help Drive Brand Engagement

Driven by new media trends like mobile, contextual marketing is where brands will stand out over the next year.

As such, top brands are forecast to put customer context at the top of their priority list, per Forrester.

“Contextual marketing requires applying the same depth of customer understanding to critical interactions beyond traditional marketing touch points,” Forrester analyst Luca Paderni explains in a new report.

“The competitive pressure to create deeper customer engagement at the individual level, combined with a collision of insight and automation technology, will enable more brands to deliver contextual experiences across the customer life cycle -- not just in marketing programs,” according to Paderni.

In particular, Chief Information Officers must support the contextual marketing engine by evaluating and implementing new workforce technologies based on customer value, Forrester finds.

Over the next year, robots and wearables will play an instrumental role in driving innovation and experimentation next year, according to Forrester. In fact, the research firm expects robots and automation to displace 10% of job tasks by the end of next year.

Similarly, the degree to which mobile will transform customer engagement and envelop other channels is going to take many businesses off-guard, Forrester recently predicted.

Among other reactions, marketers should expect “an ocean of vendors” flooding into the market that will try capitalizing on the mobile frenzy. This influx of service providers will either team up with emerging players “as existing ones join forces or die off,” Forrester predicts. 

Consumers can be expected to continue spending most of their time with a select few apps.

To that end, broad audiences will “increasingly turn to aggregation apps and a handful of platforms (e.g., Facebook, Google Maps, WeChat) to get the content and services they need,” according to Forrester.



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  1. William Cosgrove from Devcode Services, November 25, 2015 at 6:22 a.m.

    Automation is fine for some things and saves time and resources but automation will never be able to replace the personal touch that human interaction provides at any level.

    Many times it is worth spending more to get more in return.

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