CEO Eyes A Flattening Of Media Silos, a programmatic platform company that focuses on localized campaigns, sees "2016 as a year in which smart advertisers will stop spending their budgets in silos," said Frost Prioleau, the company's CEO.

He also said localized advertisers will focus more on ROI-based metrics, data and audience insights.

Overall, sees the continued adoption of programmatic media and growth in native advertising, even as ad fraud, viewability and ad-blocking issues persist. “2016 is going to be the year that programmatic goes from being viewed as the awkward, fast-growing teenager to being truly embraced as the way that digital advertising should be done.... a year that  programmatic goes from being the outsider looking in to being the host of the party,” Prioleau said. maintains that advertisers’ increased focus on buying human-viewed impressions is raising CPMs for high-quality inventory. This is encouraging premium publishers to monetize more and more of their high-quality inventory through programmatic channels, said Prioleau.



The company cites Microsoft’s decision earlier this year to monetize 100% of its inventory through programmatic in some European countries as an example of the trend. Increases in CPM yields through header bidding and better use of data will also give programmatic monetization a boost.

The use of unstructured data vs. prepackaged audience segments will also grow, and is expected to enhance targeting capabilities based on individual and localized attributes, according to Prioleau.

In addition, believes that native advertising will surge in 2016 as publishers seek ad formats that are less invasive and less likely to be blocked. Advertisers will shift budget to native as more native inventory becomes available programmatically.

Further, next year maintains that localized advertisers will demand cross-device attribution and the ability to reach prospects on any screen at any time. Multichannel campaigns will be key.

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