LiveIntent Buys Mojn, Improves Cross-Platform Data

LiveIntent, a programmatic email platform, announced this week that it has acquired Danish data onboarding company Mojn. The partnership arrives on the heels of a recent acquisition of the AVARI Recommendation Engine and LiveIntents subsequent expansion to Berlin.

Mojn’s tech team will remain in Copenhagen, while the rest will relocate to London to continue their work with LiveIntent.

Matt Keiser, LiveIntent CEO, likens the work his company does to search advertising, in that they both target the intent of the user. Part of his problem though, was the inability to match the deterministic data that his platform gathered to online behavioral patterns—almost exactly the opposite problem most companies face today.

“Most people can’t bring CRM data online, we can’t bring mobile behavior and match it to CRM,” says Keiser.

Mojn brings to the partnership an identity graph similar to the ones pioneered by Oracle and Google, among others, but different because it follows the strict boundaries of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that the EU has set in the wake of NSA snooping.



Identity Graphs are how a platform recognizes a user across devices and channels and help many companies solve the problem of attribution across devices due to the lack of cookies available on mobile. The plan with the new partnership is to target users across devices effectively without collecting data

“We decided a long time ago to never touch PII,” says Keiser, and that decision appears to be a boon to his company, as data privacy concerns rise in the EU.

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