Facebook M Drives More Buzz Than Siri, Cortana, Google Now Voice Digital Assistants

Facebook M remains a limited test in the San Francisco Bay area, but the search and digital voice assistant through Messenger seems to have the most chatter among among competitors, according to data released Thursday.

The Adobe Digital Index reveals that M is receiving four times more social buzz than any other personal digital assistant, and about 20% of social mentions relate to anticipation. Siri leads as the most used and mentioned -- and averages more than 30,000 social mentions per day, six times more than Cortana and Google Now.

"Not only will you be able to find the most recommended Thai restaurant in San Francisco, but M will make those reservations for you on Friday at 6:30," says Joe Martin, senior data analyst for Adobe Digital Index, explaining that it will work through the Facebook Messenger app.

Digital assistants on smartphones have become incredibly easy to use. Pick up a device, say "okay" on Siri, Cortana, Google Now or others, and ask a question or provide a command. In fact, 33% of those using smartphone have conversed with a digital assistant in the last 30 days, according to data released Thursday.

Adobe Digital Index's report analyzes 22 billion visits to branded Web sites and more than 20 million social engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others. Adobe also shares survey data based on 400 U.S. consumers who own either a smartphone or tablet, asking them about digital assistants and Internet of things.

When it comes to the most admired devices, the data finds Amazon Echo with 67% of social mentions relate to "Joy" or "Admiration," Google Now follows with 45%, Siri with 45%, Cortana with 38%, and Facebook M with 18%.

Some 51% of consumers have already interacted with some type of home electronic IoT devices, according to the survey. Among smartphone owners, smart smoke detectors lead in terms of current ownership and purchase intent, with smart thermostats close behind. Some 67% of men and 58% of women are interested in the home IoT devices. About 65% of social mentions for IoT devices relates to "Joy," "Admiration," or "Anticipation." It turns out that Google On Hub leads for IoT popular device social mentions.

Smartwatch adoption also is on the rise, with 37% of U.S. consumers reporting they are likely to buy a smartwatch in the next six months. Apple leads for mentions for smartwatch ownership, and purchase intent, with more than 4 million mentions since July. Fitbit had 2 million and Samsung Gear about 296,000. Some 14% of U.S. consumers say they will buy one as a present this season, and 61% of those likely to purchase smartwatches say they will buy an Apple Watch.

The Adobe Digital Index also makes predictions for 2016. Facebook M will establish itself as competitor to Siri after the launch. Microsoft Edge will gain traction with tech enthusiasts and heat up the browser wars, smartwatches will overtake dedicated fitness trackers in the wearable category, and IoT devices will move into one in five homes by the end of 2016.



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