AOL Launches Alto Mail To Manage Multiple Email Platforms

AOL has created a mobile app it calls Alto Mail to manage emails on devices running the operating system iOS or Android. Similar to the integration feature recently launched in Yahoo Mail, the app supports Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud and AOL Mail.

The app also supports many of the features offered in Google Inbox, such as the ability to browse photos without opening the email. It features threaded conversations and swipe-to-archive, but also scans the user's inbox to pull flight and shipment details so users can view the status of airline flights or incoming package on the Dashboard screen in cards that can be swiped away -- similar to how Google Now serves information on the home page of the Google Search app.

The Alto Mail app allows users to see a list of all attachments in their emails, and show messages from people in their contact list. There are filters for Unread and Starred email, as well as a feature that enables users to scroll through all the images in emails, then view, save, forward, or pause to reminisce.

Users can tap the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of the message list to search for a message, and tap the menu button in the upper-left corner of the message list to get to the main account page to view all unread mail either in one account or all.

The Frequently Asked Questions on the app's site acknowledges that AOL may use information about the use of certain communication tools such as AOL e-mail or AOL Instant Messenger, but the company says it does not read the private online communications when using "these communication tools without your consent."

The wording in the FAQs leaves it open for interpretation in terms of future features that will target advertisements.

"With your consent, AOL will automatically scan data at rest in select products and services, such as Alto Mail, in order to optimize features and functionality," per the site. "This may include, for example, organization of messages, reminders, suggestions or special offers."

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