Christie's Super PAC Taps TubeMogul To Hone Campaign Ad Targeting

Chris Christie’s super PAC, America Leads, has engaged TubeMogul as its video advertising partner for the 2016 presidential campaign.

America Leads looks to take advantage of the company's technological advantages to improve the super PAC’s advertising team. The goal is upping targeting, data integration and programmatic abilities.

Speaking with the Prosper Group, the agency representing America Leads, Media Daily News was told the new DSP would allow them to be more “choosy” when deciding where to run spots.

The Prosper group’s Kurt Luidhardt called moving the budget to TubeMogul “an improvement in efficiency.”

NBC News reported Jan. 5 that Christie's Super PAC has spent nearly $9 million over the airwaves — and almost all in New Hampshire.

Gov. Christie is jockeying for second or even third spot in New Hampshire. The crowded field has Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz pushing Christie down to fifth stop in New Hampshire polls. However, Establishment candidates Kasich, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have all taken aim at Christie. 

A Rubio Super PAC ad, echoed at the last GOP debate, said of the New Jersey governor: "One high-tax, Common Core, liberal-energy loving, Obamacare-Medicaid-expanding president is enough." Bush and Kasich ads slam his state's budget deficit.

Countering real opposition, Christie's team hopes the increased targeting capabilities will attract Christie voters and hopefully bolster turnout during the critical New Hampshire primary Feb. 9.

America Leads is focusing its messaging on issue persuasion, targeting voters most likely to engage with those messages. Voting propensity is integral to the campaign's targeting strategy. A survey tool also allows for a better understanding of the impact specific messages have on potential voters and the opportunity to react accordingly.

Once voting starts, the Prosper Group expects strategies to change significantly throughout the field. Specific issue messaging will take center stage as the 2016 GOP voting begins.
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