Gravy Partners With Mobilewalla To Build Audiences Based On Local Events

Location-based behavioral analytics provider Gravy has announced a partnership with Mobilewalla, a marketing automation company, to segment audiences based on their attendance of events and activities in their local communities.

“Event tracking helps break down behavioral data. Based on an individual device, you can find a user that is actually motivated enough to get up and do things and invest their spare time to do it,” Gravy CMO David Dague says.

This, he says, makes the segment more accurate to tastes and intent than someone who is using a search engine to find products or look at events.

The announcement comes as more people are beginning to pay attention to -- and possibly attend -- the presidential primaries. Marketers and advertisers will be able to track voter preferences, and sincere support of a candidate, based on attendance at the various rallies.

The new solution, called Gravy TruReach, will enable brands, publishers, media and hospitality companies to attribute foot traffic to mobile campaigns, and target consumers who show interest in their products and services by attending similar events or competitor’s locations.

Despite being focused on local events, Dague says the audiences it reaches are at scale.

Dague says his company curates over 1 million events in any given month, geofencing them and analyzing the behavior of attendees. “Think of it as demographics and psychographics on steroids,” he says.

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