Super Bowl Keywords In Paid Search Link Cross-Media Strategies

Marketers spent big on the keywords "super bowl" and its variants to attract fans in January, according to recent data. The top keyword on Google in the U.S. brought in $328,702 with a click-through rate of 9.50% at a cost of $1.38 per click from about 15 advertisers. The variant "superbowl" had the best click–through rate at 10.90% at a cost of $1.51 per click. Four advertisers spent a combined $115,503 in January 2016.

AdGooroo, a Kantar Media company, examined U.S. Google desktop text advertising activity on 168 Super Bowl-related keywords from Jan. 1 through Jan. 31, and found that Doritos’ parent company generated a 2.1% click share, followed by at 2%, with 1.9%, at 1.8%, and with 1.5%.



The investments marketers are making in paid search this year appear to link into cross-marketing strategies. Pepsi also promoted its sponsorship of the Super Bowl half-time show for the fourth year in a row. Walmart and Kraft Foods promoted recipes for Super Bowl parties.

Doritos went head on to advertise its tenth and final year for its "Crash the Super Bowl" customer-generated ad contest, leading in click share that accounted for 36.5% of all clicks on the Super Bowl keyword group in January.

Ticket sellers also led in click share. Following Doritos, the next-closest market segment were ticket sellers Ticketmaster at 5.9%, StubHub at 4.3%, and Ticket Liquidator at 3.8%. Ten other smaller ticket sellers made up another 19% of clicks on the Super Bowl keyword group.

AdGooroo identifies three dominant themes in the Top 10 Super Bowl keywords in January, including tickets, party food and commercials. The general term "super bowl" and its variant, "superbowl," accounted for more paid-search spend than any other keywords in January -- a combined $444,000.

It's not just about paid-search advertising. Content marketing has become a way to attract female Super Bowl viewers through organic searches on engines and Web sites. Yaniv Makover, CEO and co-founder at Keywee, a content marketing company, says the cost of targeting audiences of women 25-to-44 years old has dipped about 15% in the past two to three weeks.

More than 90% of the Super Bowl content from publishers with a large female following focus on game-day snacks, meals, drinks, etc., finding food an attractive way to connect with consumers. 

Companies like Mountain Dew take content to the extreme. Take Mountain Dew, for example. Query in search the keywords "puppy monkey baby" to find Mountain Dew's bizarre spot. The company says it used all three keywords and images because those are the top three that attract Super Bowl viewers to advertisements.

BBDO New York designed the puppy-monkey-baby combination to illustrate Mountain Dew Kickstart’s blend of Dew, juice and caffeine. Mountain Dew returned to the Super Bowl this year after a 16-year absence, despite ads for the brand Kickstart, which launched in 2013, recently found a place in Super Bowl pre-game shows.

Advertisers diversifying their investments across channels have a better chance of keeping loyal customers. The shift continues to get brands rethinking their digital strategies around the Super Bowl, from simply redistributing television commercials to video channels by using the commercial as a topic of conversation on social sites.

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