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TV Makers Well Positioned For Ad-Tech Upside: Lotame's Doron Wesly

  • Beet.TV, Monday, March 21, 2016 8:46 AM

Lotame SVP and CMO Doron Wesly told Beet.TV that TV makers are in a good position to leverage ad tech to benefit from connected TV platforms. Citing recently published Nielsen quarterly data, Wesly says: “50% of US households have SVODs. This is not a fad. That space needs a TV DMP (data management platform)… for agencies who are trying to create smarter plans for clients.” A DMP enables ad buyers mix up data sources to create audience segments for ad targeting which is what Lotame offers its customers. Wesly suggests that TV hardware makers are in the best position to know which of their customers is watching which show. He told Beet.TV that data comes from the TV marketers because they know the IP addresses of their TVs, which have active content recognition.



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