Fullscreen Offers New Ad Packages; Aims For Millennial Parents

ullscreen added a little wrinkle to content creators’ relentless search  for millennial audiences by announcing a new subset: Millennial parents.

The digital provider and  long-time YouTube multichannel network announced “Part Of The Family, a “community driven influencer" effort that Billy Parks, the senior vice president of original entertainment likened to “entering a friends’ group.” With millennials now entering, or well into, the child rearing years, Parks said Fullscreen hadn’t seen a another multi-channel provider doing it. “Part of the Family” is an attempt to “bundle influencers together.”

That was just one of the bundling announcements at Fullscreen’s NewFronts presentation Monday in New York. A more here and now initiative, Her Screen and His Screen, packages Fullscreen’s most popular programs, based on demos, and offers them as a unit that includes Nielsen and comScore measurements. The top 50 Fullscreen channels, Fullscreen sales chief Kevin McGurn said, compares with the biggest networks or sports packages.

It sounds at least similar to YouTube’s announcement last week that it would offer a package of its hottest trending or viral videos, seemingly a notch above its “preferred” group of YouTube channels.

A third kind of bundling was hyped with “All Star Collabs.” Maureen Polo, senior vice president of influencer marketing said “All Star” will create a way for brands to integrate “authentically” into content from Fullscreen’s best influencers, including Eva Gutkowski’s “How to Survive High School” and “Around the World in Seven Stunts” with DevinSuperTramp.

The event began with George Strompolos, founder and CEO, announcing Fullscreen is renaming itself Fullscreen Media and splitting itself into three divisions;  the “creator network” that is the bedrock of the original business; Fullscreen Entertainment, concentrating on Fullscreen’s three-week old SVOD service, the Rooster Teeth brand that creates gaming and Internet-culture programming and Fullscreen’s live events; and Fullscreen Brandworks that works to create and market content by working with brands across all platforms.

As part of that, the Brandworks division touted a new partnership with Mattel that will lead to the Hot Wheels Networks operating across all platforms.

Like almost every presenter, Fullscreen had its own virtual reality projects. In “Immersion 360,” Rooster Teeth founder Burnie Burns said, VR will be used to recreate in reality the same situations found in well-known video games. "VR is the next big frontier in all of entertainment," Burns predicted, echoing others at NewFronts. 

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