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TubeMogul Steps Up Non-Desktop Video Ad Revenue

AdExchanger's take on TubeMogul's first-quarter earnings: Advertisers are spending less on desktop pre-roll and shifting more dollars into cross-screen formats. "Nondesktop pre-roll spend (including mobile, social, TV and traditional display ads) grew from 37% last year to 43% – or close to $50 million – of total spend running through TubeMogul’s platform in Q1." AdExchanger notes that the non-desktop video figure has risen sharply  since the company’s IPO in July 2014, when cross-screen was only 5% or so of spend. TubeMogul CEO Brett Wilson told the publication that programmatic TV  (PTV) represented 10% of spend in the quarter, or about 30 times what it saw in first-quarter 2015. TubeMogul sees mobile, social, display and PTV representing growth opportunities.

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