Jetlore Launches Content Personalization Tool

Jetlore announced Tuesday the launch of Layout Generator, a content management solution to personalize campaigns across media.

Jetlore tracks customer interactions, including passive engagement, in real-time to adjust marketing on the fly and adapt marketing content to a customer’s history with the brand.

The interface allows retail marketers to coordinate multiple types of marketing content across email -- Web and mobile -- expanding the email marketing company's channel. Notably, any channel a customer visits will be updated with the most relevant content, including a company’s Web site and any promotional content.

By evaluating how separate blocks of content interact with each other at an attribute level, Jetlore’s technology can trigger personalized marketing workflows. For example, a customer searching for hiking boots may trigger hiking-related promotional content that incorporated additional, related products.

The product supports multiple content, ranking catalogs, individual products and product collections, marketing promotions and editorial content for each consumer.

Dan Buckstaff, VP of marketing at Jetlore, says the company coordinates content in real-time. This applies from an email-to-link on a Web page, but also coordinates recommended content on a company’s Web site as a consumer browses from page to page.

He discussed with Email Marketing Daily how adaptation is a solution to spam in a conversation. 

“You need a model that learns,” says Buckstaff.

Founded five years ago by Stanford engineers and launched in 2014, Jetlore’s client roster now includes retail brands such as eBay, PayPal and 




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