NEW! Loyal Soccer Fans Micro-chipped To Gain Access To Wherever Team Plays

I thought tattooing your love for an object or team was the highest form of loyalty, but soccer fans of Club Atletico Tigre have proven me wrong. A select handful of diehard fans, already inked with their team logo, were implanted with an RFID microchip underneath their tattoo, dubbed the "Passion Ticket."

Anyone with the "Passion Ticket" can gain access into any stadium where their team is playing. It's like an episode of "Orphan Black" come to life.

Chipped fans must pass by specialty scanners set up at different gates around the stadiums. The microchip will contain all of the pertinent information that would typically be found on a printed or electronic ticket. Within two days of launching, there were 948 requests to be chipped. Hello, Big Brother.

See a video about the technology here, created by McCann Buenos Aires.



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