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Semcasting Announces Support For Advanced Online Healthcare Marketing Services

Semicasting, a provider of a patented data management platform (DMP) called Smart Zones, on Wednesday introduced a HIPAA-compliant health data suite. Semcasting's Healthcare Market Data Suite combines billions of healthcare service transactions with automated propensity models to score the U.S. population using data sourced from the CDC, Prescriber Data, Physicians & Group Practice data, Medical History Data & Drug Lists, and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's NDC system of classification. The Semcasting data scores consumers and maps more than 800,000 active providers and 255,000 hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and offices to services and patients. The top procedures, remedies, drug therapy classes, and over 1,000 prescription drugs and generics are mapped to distribution locations without the use of any personally identifiable information.



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