Oracle And Launch Exclusive Data Relationship

Oracle Data Cloud, a global data-as-a-service provider, and, the online auto information and shopping hub, on Thursday announced that Edmunds’ car-shopper data will be available exclusively through the Oracle Data Cloud.

This means that Edmunds’ data will be delivered via the Oracle Data Cloud to automotive advertisers and affiliated companies. The data will include anonymized audience segments comprised of consumers who have shopped, researched, and priced specific makes, models, years, and types of vehicles. The partnership with Oracle Data Cloud will enable marketers to combine this information with additional data on previous vehicle purchases, demographics, and other behavioral data to create custom target audiences.  

Oracle has an existing relationship with IHS Automotive (Polk) for its offline sales data. With the additional of Edmunds’ data, auto marketers will be able to identify and engage with consumers in the market for a car at every stage of the purchase cycle on multiple platforms and measure the impact of campaigns on sales.



Edmunds’ data is available through Oracle’s BlueKai Marketplace and other connected data-management platforms, trading desks, demand side platforms (DSPs), mobile platforms and other media companies, including Google, Verizon AOL, and Twitter.

With the new relationship, “OracleData Cloud pulls all of the key pieces together for automotive marketers, giving them the ability to reach valuable audiences at every stage of the car buying process,” Joe Kyriakoza, VP and GM of Automotive, Oracle Data Cloud, told Real-Time Daily via email. “By combining Edmunds’ car shopping audiences with predictive and ownership audiences from IHS Automotive (Polk), marketers can connect all key attributes of the buyer lifecycle.”

“By partnering with Edmunds, Oracle Data Cloud enhances its already robust picture of the car-buying lifecycle in a way that will help differentiate them from the competition--from shopping behavior to vehicle purchase to ownership,” stated Jason Chambers, SVP, business and audience insights at Cadreon, a  programmatic ad-tech agency.

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