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CPMs? Cost-Per-View Is Future Of Branded Content Pricing

  • Polar, Wednesday, June 8, 2016 6:31 AM
In a blog post, Polar advances a radical position on the pricing of inventory--it says that CPMs are over and that cost-per-view is the future of branded content pricing. "When researching our latest customer-exclusive whitepaper, Business of Branded Content, we interviewed over 30 premium publisher chief revenue officers and executives. We examined how they run, manage and sell their branded content programs. The first area we explored was pricing and packaging - and when it comes to rate cards for branded content there is certainly a feeling that it's a bit of the 'wild-west.' Publishers struggle with how to consistently price and package branded content programs. We first asked, who's the buyer of branded content programs? The majority of publishers sell to combination of media agencies and brands directly."



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