PubNative Launches Native Mediation Solution For Mobile Publishers

Mobile monetization platform PubNative on Friday launched a mobile native mediation solution that it says allows publishers to more effectively use  their mobile-specific audience segments.

The native mediation solution offers access to an array of native demand sources, including Facebook. It’s also built to work with mobile-specific user segmentation options that enable mobile publishers to customize ad delivery by criteria such as country, platform, and demographics, along with more advanced criteria including user profiles based on app usage, engagement, and behavior.

APUS, an Android developer, finds that increased engagement and a better customer experience are among the most important benefits of real-time user personalization. “We have more than 920 million users worldwide and they are characterized by diverse interests and behaviors. With PubNative's help, we can analyze our data to better understand our users and deliver relevant and engaging advertising to each of them,” stated Tao Li, CEO of APUS.

“By listening to publishers’ pain points, we developed a mobile native mediation solution that offers access to a wide array of native demand sources with transparency and full control,” Ionut Ciobotaru, Co-Founder of PubNative, told Real-Time Daily via email. Ciobotaru said PubNative’s solution is unique because it allows publishers to use their own data to customize ad campaigns.



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