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Brave Raises $4.5 Million To Fuel Growth Of Ad-Blocking Browser

Brave Software said it's raised $4.5 million to help grow its ad-blocking, privacy-centric Web browser, which aims to nullify many of the ad targeting and tracking techniques now commonplace in online advertising, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The report indicates that the funding round, from investors including Founders Fund’s FF Angel, Propel Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, Foundation Capital, and Digital Currency Group, brings the company’s total fundraising in the last year to $7 million. "Brave, which was launched last year, is a web browser that speeds page loading times by stripping away ads and blocking tracking devices. According to Brave founder Brendan Eich... Brave is not waging a war on advertising or intentionally damaging online publishers’ revenue streams. Rather, Brave wants to cut out the sea of companies that track users as they move around the web, often without users’ knowledge."



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