Adelphic Adds Behavior-Centric Cross-Channel Solution To Its DSP

Adelphic, the mobile and cross-device DSP, released on Wednesday a new cross-channel behavior-centric solution for its DSP. The new product, powered by "Behavior Graph," is supported by Adelphic's patented algorithm that tracks users across devices and measures various behaviors, learning from the data points over time.

Previously used to track users on mobile, Adelphic's user-identification algorithm is now applicable across networked devices. "We've seen a shift from channel-centric marketing strategies to more of a behavior-centric cross-channel approach, but technologies haven't caught up. Behavior Graph aims to tackle that movement in the digital marketing landscape," said Michael Collins, CEO of Adelphic. Behavior Graph connects devices, while also aligning consumer behaviors with those devices. 

The new behavioral data points are directly integrated into the existing user interface and are used for targeting across devices. “Tracking audiences across various devices allows behaviors on those channels to influence targeting strategy in an increasingly thorough fashion,” added Collins.

Making sure audience identifiers are accurate across devices is becoming increasingly important to cross-channel ad buys -- Adelphic is focused on making sure those are correctly reported so that consumer behaviors can be accurately built in to marketing strategies. Behavior Graph tracks users on desktop, tablets, connected TV and mobile phones.

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