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Ad Tech In 2020

  • LinkedIn, Tuesday, August 23, 2016 10:21 AM
Tim Whitfield, director of technical operations at GroupM, concludes his multi-part series on ad tech in LinkedIn with observations on Search and Social. Basically, he believes that programmatic bidding strategies need to automatically connect search data signals. For example, here's what Whitfield says needs to happen: All types of biddable data need to be integrated. "For instance, if somebody searches for "Travel to New York" in a search engine. This is a strong signal that that person is in the market to travel to New York. This data signal needs to available in all other programmatic media, especially in display creative. For instance, if we know that this user is in market to travel to New York then it's probably a waste to show them an ad to London."

Secondly, sentiment tracking platforms will become more important in the future, and they are "totally underutilized in marketing." "I see a coming together of Viewability and Performance measurement technology with Sentiment Tracking technology. This will answer simple questions like "Are people more inclined to interact with an advert on a positive story about "cats fails" or news story about war?". This is such as simple question and something that Sentiment tracking & Social Listening can answer."

Thirdly, automated site optimization will begin. Title clarity and length, keyword density, the number of hyperlinks per article, and keywords appearing the first 100 words of the article will all become more important. "I've already seen some technology that gives an SEO scoring for articles."  Articles will be automatically optimized for the rankings.

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