AudienceScience Expands Cross-Device Capabilities Through Screen6 Partnership

AudienceScience, a provider of advertising automation software, on Tuesday announced it has expanded its cross-device targeting and measurement capabilities through a direct integration with Screen6, a cross-device identity management firm.

With the integration, advertisers using advertising automation software platform AudienceScience Helios will be able to use Screen6’s audience graph capabilities to measure the reach and frequency of their addressable media, acquire insights into cross-device conversion attribution, and target at scale, all in a privacy-compliant manner.

"Brands are asking us about cross-device targeting all the time, especially in emerging media markets like China. They understand that this is the future of addressable media, and they are looking for ways to reach consumers with the maximum effectiveness and the least waste," Tim Barnes, chief product officer, AudienceScience, told Real-Time Daily via email. "Cross-device success comes down to maximizing reach and relevancy across all addressable media through effective segment targeting, device matching, and frequency management. Screen6 greatly enhances our abilities in all three of those areas, helping our advertisers achieve better campaign results."

Keith Petri, chief strategy officer of Screen6, told Real-Time Daily that as consumers' time spent on digital devices shifts more to mobile vs. desktop, marketers are, in turn, slowly shifting budget from desktop to mobile. "However, attribution methodologies haven't kept up with the technical challenges presented by mobile interaction. Conversions continue to occur on desktop. By incorporating Screen6’s technology and having a full understanding of its users, AudienceScience is now able to report on the full path-to-purchase its clients’ customers took and how each impression affected their decision process."

Advertisers can access Screen6 through the ASci Signature product, AudienceScience’s cross-device targeting solution. The integration of Screen6 data allows advertisers to leverage cross-device attribution in order to help optimize media mix, do dynamic sequential messaging as consumers move from desktop to mobile and connected TV, and to implement frequency capping across devices.

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