Outbrain Partners With Bombora On B2B Intent Data For Content Marketing

Content discovery platform Outbrain on Wednesday announced a partnership with Bombora, a provider of B2B demographic and intent data that’s designed to offer more granular targeting functions to B2B brand marketers. The partnership will enable marketers to use demand and purchase intent analytics to improve the performance of their content- and account-based marketing efforts.

Outbrain said gaining an understanding of what prospects are interested in and exactly when they’re interested, is critical to delivering the most relevant content—and that’s precisely what the partnership with Bombora aims to address. The partnership essentially extends the capabilities of Outbrain’s interest-based targeting technology. With the new partnership, Outbrain customers can now engage specific B2B audience segments across the Outbrain network, drawing on Bombora’s intent data to reach business buyers based on the specific products and services they’re actively researching.

According to a Demand Gen report, 47% of B2B buyers consume three to five pieces of content before engaging with a salesperson, yet 83% of those B2B buyers report feeling “overwhelmed” by the amount of content available. “Content marketing, even before it was called that, has been the province of B2B marketing. This is because the high transaction amounts, long sales cycles, and committee-driven buying processes require sustained content campaigns that keep buyers engaged," Greg Herbst, VP Programmatic, Bombora, explained to Real-Time Daily via email. "As content marketing has snowballed from a tactic to a trend, to an industry, it's created a glut that has left B2B marketers struggling to find new ways to increase their own content relevance. This is exacerbated by growth in Account Based Marketing (ABM) with its focus on very specific named accounts," Herbst said.

Herbst said that because intent data starts by identifying what content is already being consumed by specific prospects, it's a a natural basis for content marketing plans.  Intent data can also be used in email, online advertising, and outbound sales and can help align sales and marketing teams.

The new partnership with Bombora underscores Outbrain’s drive to service brand marketers and offer them the tools they need to help them reach targeted audiences. Outbrain has steadily been trying to expand its brand business, and this is a move in that direction. “We want to win brand marketers’ dollars and increase their ROI with Outbrain. The Bombora partnership is another way of targeting more granularly and being able to customize different pieces of content,” said Lior Charka, product manager, Outbrain.

The targeting capability is available to clients in the U.S. and will be available globally by the end of the month. Among the marketers already using it: JPMorgan Chase, HP, IBM, and Travelers.



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