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Adblock Plus Launches An Ad Exchange

Perhaps it was only a matter of time, but Adblock Plus announced the launch of an ad exchange on Tuesday. The company says the exchange help marketers place “acceptable” ads in front of users with ad blocking technology turned on. Eyeo, Adblock Plus' parent company, partnered with ad tech firm ComboTag to create the ad exchange which publishers can sign up for. The exchange is called the “Acceptable Ads Platform" and it can be used to sell and place ad space on publishers' Web pages. The “'Acceptable ads' are allowed to pass through Adblock Plus’s filters by default, provided they aren’t too intrusive or disruptive to users," according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. "The Acceptable Ads Platform will contain only ads that abide by its Acceptable Ads criteria which dictate the size, placement and labeling of ads, Eyeo said." Google and AppNexus will partner to sell ad space on the platform.



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