Certifiable: Gummy Vitamins Hypes USP Status In New Campaign

Nature Made and its agency, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP), are launching a new marketing initiative to promote Nature Made Adult Gummy Vitamins as the first gummies-type vitamin to receive verification from the USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program.

Media is handled by Mindshare. 

The brand announced that Adult Gummies Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Energy B12 and Fish Oil all received the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Verified Mark earlier this year.

In television and online video ads, a spa-going woman wrapped in seaweed confesses that she has no idea what her body is encased in, but thanks to the USP verified mark, she knows exactly what’s in her vitamins.

“This campaign was designed to engage the Nature Made consumer in a fun and relevant way by juxtaposing the assurance they get from their Nature Made Gummy Vitamins with the more unusual things people do for their health,” stated Tom Coates, ECD, BSSP.



The campaign is targeting health-conscious consumers through network and cable TV running from September 26 to November 14. The buy includes Lip Sync Battle and Bar Rescue on Spike, The Voice and Chicago Fire on NBC, and The Big Bang Theory, Mom, and Scorpion on CBS. Other networks included are Discovery and ESPN2. 

In addition to the broadcast advertising, BSSP has created a range of digital content that leverages "the idea of expectation," says the agency. Similar to the TV ad, this product is positioned in the digital content as something that can be trusted due to the highly-regarded certification it has earned.

The digital extension of the campaign includes educational content with media partners to provide details on USP verification and why it is important. Those partners are U.S. News, Health.com, Buzzfeed, Kiip, Mode, Opera, The Weather Channel and Shopkick. 


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