Coke Vs. Pepsi: Taste Test Moves To Data Targeting

After 40 years of relentless advertising and a variety of slogans and creative advertising campaigns, data tells marketers that the differences between Coke and Pepsi go much further than their distinct flavors.

Connexity, through its Audience View platform, analyzed the audience segments of the customer base for the two beverages, with help from Hitwise, and found a variety of differences, from age and education to political preferences.

The average age for Pepsi drinkers is 52, with ages 55-64 the most over-indexed against the total population, and age 65 and older as the largest group. Coke drinkers skewed younger, with a median age of 47, ages 35 to 44 as both the largest and most over-indexed group, and ages 25-34 as the second most over-indexed group.

Both brands share the most under-indexed age group of 18-24. Interestingly, this could put a wrench in the soft drink business, as millennials abandon soda for more natural beverages such as flavored and pure water.



Pepsi also over-indexes with "green traditionalists" by 14% and "left-out Democrats" by 12%, while under-indexing with "uninvolved conservatives" by 16% and ultra conservatives by 11%. Coke, on the other hand, over-indexes with "mild Republicans" by 21% and ultra conservatives by 10%, while under-indexing with conservative Democrats by 11% and "left out Democrats" by 10%.

Pepsi lovers are 16% more likely than the average person to admit they are "TV addicts," while Coke customers are 12% less likely.

The level of education also differs. Some 43% of those who prefer Pepsi are high school graduates, about 27% have some college, and 19% at least graduated college, while 12% have less than a high school education.

Statistically, those who prefer Coke have a higher education level, with 32% at least graduating from college, 29% graduated from high school, and 28% have some college, while 11% have less than a high school education.


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