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Shuttering Its Atlas Ad-Serving Unit, Facebook Pivots On Ad Tech

Moving away from its Atlas ad-serving business, Facebook will focus on Atlas' measurement products. Facebook purchased Atlas from Microsoft in 2013 and relaunched it in 2014, aiming to help marketers and publishers load online ads into apps and web pages. But as the Wall Street Journal reports, Atlas also "helps marketers and publishers measure which people their online ads are reaching based on the huge amounts of data Facebook collects from its social network and elsewhere around the web." The measurement side of Atlas taps into Facebook's "powerful user data and therefore offers something they can’t get anywhere else. Facebook says it now plans to focus its Atlas efforts in that area," the report said. Facebook recently got into trouble over the way it measures advertising on its platform. In fact, the company conceded it's been miscalculating metrics across its platform in recent weeks.

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