Neustar Launches Data Directory To Facilitate Connected Customer Experiences

Real-time information provider Neustar on Wednesday announced enhancements to its identity data management platform (IDMP) with the release of a new data directory.

Neustar’s Data Directory aims to help marketers create and optimize custom audiences, and activate them across programmatic, omnichannel marketing campaigns. It also seeks to offer deeper insight into how marketing contributes to return on investment.

The Data Directory will give marketers access to Neustar’s existing audience activation solutions, as well as third-party data sources to build precision-based data programs.

Marketers typically rely on their own first-party data, in addition to second- and third-party data sources to gain a single view of their customers and to deliver personalized, connected experiences.

The Neustar Data Directory aims to help marketers build custom audiences from a mix of data sources which are validated with the Neustar OneID system for digital ad targeting. Marketers can build custom audiences once, syndicate them across all media buying channels, and measure campaign performance from a single baseline.



Among the features of Neustar’s Data Directory:

--Access to Neustar’s data providers that include Alliant, Are You A Human, Cardlytics, comScore, CoreLogic, Dunn & Bradstreet, Gravy Analytics, Versium, VisualDNA, and Webbula.

--Ability to create unique, custom audiences for improved personalization. Neustar’s Data Directory includes data attributes and sources that represent mobile, location, intent, B2B, past purchases, interest/lifestyle, advertising fraud, qualified demographics, offline attributes like in-store purchases and in-store dwell time, and online attributes like social engagement, across  industries.   

--Data-driven insights that seek to help marketers make more informed ad spending decisions—traditional or programmatic.

--Connected customer experience via Neustar’s network of integrated ad platform partners. Marketers can create and syndicate their custom audiences across preferred media-buying platforms directly within Neustar’s platform. The goal is to increase customer reach and decrease data loss. The platform enables marketers to activate custom audiences across display, mobile, social, and addressable TV.

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