Criteo Creates Tech That Optimizes Dynamic Ads In Real-Time

Criteo S.A. announced Wednesday that it has developed technology that contextually optimizes ads for individual consumers and renders them in real-time without the need to define ad sizes or layouts in advance.

The technology, Kinetic Design, offers 17 trillion visual variations to optimize content that serves personalized ads from template ads and integrates data from product feeds.

Marketers have been challenged to create and optimize ads completely on message, said Patrick Wyatt, SVP of product management at Criteo. This technology allows brands to create dynamic ads based on ad space available on Web sites. 

He said the technology allows creative services teams to build a digital design framework for each client, based on their individual brand guidelines. It ensures each visual design is informed by consumer behavior, optimizing ads based on real-time consumer insights; and Renderer, which eliminates ad-size or layout restrictions.

Optimization and personalization "soften the divide" between the ads made by designers and the ads made by machines, Wyatt said. "The framework lets advertisers express constraints and objectives within their guidelines that's compatible with machine learning and optimization," he said.



The tags on the Web site collects information about the products the site visitor viewed. The data from the tags, which Criteo keeps for about 13 months, creates a user profile based on each Web site event, defined as a visit to the site to view content or a product. The data also can be used for retargeting.

Kinetic Design is now available to all 13,000 Criteo clients worldwide. Carla Greco, marketing executive at, believes the technology can deliver on-brand campaign messages while personalizing every ad-creative for each consumer.

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