NEW! Step Away From Social Media And Go Running, Says Nike

I can't like this Nike campaign enough. A series of TV spots asks viewers  "Are We Running Today?" or "Are We Training Today?" -- in an effort to get folks off social media and outside, exercising and interacting with other people in real life.

I ran a 5k over the weekend and I lost count of the number of people who answered phone calls WHILE RUNNING. When did this become a thing, and how can we make it stop?

"Time is Precious" is told by a digital voiceover that might sound slightly familiar. Each ad uses simple text to summarize what's going on in your social media feed, pop culture or favorite TV shows to save you time that can now be used for a run or training session.

The 60-second anthem breaks down the amount of time we'll spend looking at screens in our lifetime, working, online dating, creeping on friends' posts of kids, food and vacation photos. And let's not even discuss binge-watching old and new TV shows. Go run.



A zombie-themed ad ran during Sunday night's midseason finale of "The Walking Dead." Spoiler alert: zombies will die and more zombies will take their place.

The next two ads rightfully mock our obsession with celebrities and obsessing over Instagram photos of things ranging from rainbows and avocado toast to dogs and motivational quotes.

The final ads describe how much of a time suck Facebook can be when you're looking at friend requests from people you don't know, pictures, birthdays, opinions, opinions and more opinions. Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the campaign.

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