nToggle, DataXu Expand Partnership Four-Fold

nToggle, an algorithm-driven bid-screening platform, announced on Tuesday an expanded partnership with DataXu, with DataXu increasing its use of nToggle’s platform four-fold. nToggle’s platform helps DataXu reach consumers and find cost-efficient ad opportunities for advertisers.

The DataXu-nToggle partnership aims to optimize ad traffic by simultaneously pre-screening traffic from various exchanges in order to find the most appropriate ad inventory. DataXu provides a demand signa, and nToggle responds by analyzing demand patterns to find the best mix of traffic for clients’ campaigns.

DataXu has revealed that by using nToggle’s machine learning platform, its existing infrastructure has been able to realize bid lift rates of up to 117% and an ROI of 60%.

“To aid us in our work with brands and agencies, we are constantly evaluating technologies that we can incorporate into our platform to meet new market demands,” Bill Simmons, CTO, EVP of product development and co-founder at DataXu, told Real-Time Daily via email.

“With header bidding, RTB traffic is experiencing massive growth—within the last six months, traffic has doubled,” continued Simmons. “nToggle keeps our RTB traffic as efficient and effective as it can be. We’re then able to pass that efficiency on to our customers as higher performance.”



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