IBM Security Mag Uses Behavioral Data To Customize Content

As the year draws to a close, finding ways to keep advertising investments safe and content out of reach from hackers wanting to steal millions of dollars and information will be critical to IBM's visitors in 2017. With cyber hacks on the rise, brands will begin looking for content that helps protect investments.

The goal for Pamela Jones, worldwide digital marketing strategist for IBM Security’s publication, is to improve engagement rates on the site with great content. She is looking to determine the content that performs best and why, while the editorial team focuses on discovering content gaps. Both are accomplished with OneSpot Insights, a content marketing platform powered by Content Sequencing technology and natural language processing that recently hit the market.

Through the platform's dashboard, Jones looks for current news events such as the recent hack from Russia-based hackers that stole between $3 million and $5 million in video digital advertising revenue, or malware and ransomware that infects millions of computers. The key is being timely in the market, she said.

Success is determined by the number of visits to a piece of content or topic, including social impressions, page views, and the path visitors took to get to the content -- whether it's a direct mailer or paid campaign within IBM or typed in from a direct link from a search engine.

In addition to monitoring the searches on the site, Jones attributes the success partly to OneSpot and the ability to take a quick look at data in the dashboard to determine the hot topic for content and articles. Referrer rates also count. OneSpot also makes suggestions to the site visitor for the next piece of content they should view based on their history on the site.

Tracking referrer rates is in the early stages, but "we are really hopeful as to what that can do for us," Jones said.

OneSpot Insights is part of a broader platform that personalizes content marketing, which marketers will make a greater investment in next year in paid media and email programs.  

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