Oracle, Eyeota Partner To Boost Global Engagement

Oracle Marketing Cloud announced a partnership on Thursday to add Eyeota’s audience insights to the Oracle Data Management Platform. 

The company hopes that Eyeota's data will significantly expand a marketer’s ability to target and personalize communication in campaigns outside of the United States. 

Eyeota is a data supplier with more than 3 billion unique audience profiles throughout Europe, APAC and the Americas. Brands can leverage this audience insight in hopes of more accurately targeting the correct audience that's most likely interested in the product or service being marketed.

Oracle will intergrate Eyeota’s data into its Data Management Platform via the Oracle Data Cloud, and customers of the Oracle Marketing Cloud will be able to append this data to their own customer information. Marketers can also integrate Eyeota’s insights with any additional data segments available in Oracle’s BlueKai Marketplace, including geographic, demographic and socioeconomic attributes from 1,500 data partners.



Email marketers can access the data through the integration between the Oracle’s data solution and Oracle Responsys, the company’s email marketing and cross-channel orchestration solution.

"In today's market, brands understand the importance of knowing their audiences on an almost intimate level to help them deliver more personalized and relevant content, while enhancing the online experience," states Kevin Tan, CEO, Eyeota.

The idea is that the data provides "a granular view" of audiences to help marketers improve strategies. 

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