Sizmek Unveils Hub To Streamline Audience-Based Creative

Ad-tech firm Sizmek on Monday launched what it’s calling Data Hub, a data-centralizing ecosystem that enables advertisers to pull in audience segments from integrated data management platforms (DMPs) and enrich them with data collected from served ads.

The new offering aims to enable ad buyers to centralize and activate their audience data to build segments and target ads from Sizmek’s platform. Advertisers can use the segments to inform creative targeting decisions on Sizmek’s platform or activate segments on integrated demand-side platforms (DSPs) for audience buying.

Typically, advertisers that wanted to pull in audience segments from a DMP went through a manual black box process. Sizmek’s solution enables a client to target a segment that has viewed a particular ad before with a different but sequentially relevant ad in order to create a story and drive user engagement.

While the widespread availability of DMP data across programmatic buying platforms has made it easier to buy media placements based on audience, the current landscape makes it difficult to have equally sophisticated targeting at the creative level, particularly when combining multiple data sources. That’s essentially the problem Sizmek is trying to solve by giving customers access to those same data sets in the ad server, centralizing them so that marketers can employ proper media buying and dynamic creative targeting strategies at this level.



Supplementing DMP data with data collected from ad-serving activity also adds an additional layer of granularity, where user behavior such as viewability, video completion, and clicks can feed into both buying and targeting decisions.

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