Febreze Launches First Super Bowl Ad

There's nothing sexy about a Super Bowl halftime bathroom break, and Febreze doesn't sugarcoat the mayhem in its first-ever Super Bowl ad, running in the second quarter.

During the big game, you can't miss an important play and you absolutely can't miss the ads, so most of us hold everything in until halftime. Just the thought makes me uncomfortable.

"America's Halftime Bathroom Break" is voiced-over by Kathryn Hahn, who offers an amusing take showing the million of people rushing to the bathroom at the same time. "We go from standing as rivals to sitting as one," says Hahn. Don't worry, Febreze has your back... side for the big game.

Be sure to check out a long-form video of #BathroomBreak that's chock full of double entendres and faces of people holding it until they can hold it no longer. Grey New York created the campaign.



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