Sharethrough Integrates With Sizmek Mobile-First DSP

Native advertising supply-side platform (SSP) Sharethrough on Tuesday launched a programmatic native advertising integration with Sizmek’s StrikeAd, a mobile-first demand-side platform (DSP). The integration aims to enable trading desks and media buyers that use Sizmek’s StrikeAd DSP to access audiences with in-feed ad placements across mobile apps and sites on the Sharethrough Exchange.

The integration with StrikeAd is designed to help mobile buyers that are looking to go beyond the banner to access mobile-first tools at scale through Sharethrough’s native publisher network. The integration will use the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s OpenRTB 2.3 spec that standardized the component parts for the real-time trading of native ads.

The integration is live for mobile native display buyers. Additional formats, such as native video support, will be addressed next.

Sizmek said StrikeAd works with global media buyers and brands to help them integrate data into their campaigns in order to reach new audiences with an array of dynamic targeting options. Sharethrough said its exchange saw more than $140 million in gross native ad spending in 2016.



“Integrations like this with StrikeAd are key to sustaining that momentum, serving as both proof of native’s potential and adding even greater market liquidity into the ecosystem,” Alex White, VP, product marketing, Sharethrough, told Real-Time Daily via email.

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