Skyword Launches AI Engine For Personalized Content Marketing

Skyword announced the launch of a new recommendations engine on Wednesday to help its customers personalize on-site and email marketing with artificial intelligence. 

Skyword Personalized Recommendations (SPR) adds a predictive intelligence tool to Skyword’s content marketing software,  helping marketers to increase email engagement, Web site visits and conversions by tailoring Web and email content for added relevancy.

Recommended content can be embedded directly into email marketing campaigns via Skyword’s integrations with marketing automation, CRM, and email marketing services. Web site visits from email campaigns are tracked by Skyword’s recommendations engine, linking visitors to individual customer profiles. 

Headquartered in Boston, Skyword provides a centralized platform for its customers to develop, curate, personalize and distribute content.

“It used to be enough to create content based on a persona or representation of your ideal customer,” states Tom Gerace, CEO and founder of Skyword. “Today’s consumers expect stories that address their specific needs and preferences. Otherwise, they'll bounce from your site or ignore your emails.”

Gerace says beta customers of Skyword Personalized Recommendations have averaged a 65% increase in Web site engagement and a 120% increase in email response rates. 

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