NEW! 60-Piece Live Orchestra Plays When McDonald's Maestro Burger Ordered

TBWA\Neboko in The Netherlands used an actual symphony to promote McDonald's Maestro burger, made with two patties, bacon, aged cheddar cheese, red onions and sauce, on a seeded bistro roll.

Under the new brand campaign "Always Open for Good Times," a 60-piece orchestra played at the exact moment a consumer bit into the Maestro burger. Two-way feeds from the restaurant to a makeshift nearby concert hall allowed the orchestra director, Guido Dieteren, to lead the orchestra in sync with the diners.

It's amusing to see one of the talented opera singers actually refer to consumers based on hair color or accessories they were wearing. Consumers initially had no idea the feed was live, and when the opera singer asked for their names, no one answered until she mentioned something about the person.

Afterward, diners went down the street and met the orchestra.



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