'Bullet Hole Transplant' In Chicago Sees The Hope In Violence

The Off The Street Club (OTSC) in Chicago provides safety and education to 3,000 children living in West Garfield Park, the neighborhood with the most violent crime in Chicago.

OTSC remains optimistic, even when one of the club's bulletproof windows took a bullet. The window was removed and used as part of "Bullet Hole Transplant" and displayed outside Chicago's Tribune Tower for passersby to see. Part of the "Hope Is Tougher" platform, Energy BBDO wanted to turn a symbol of violence into one of hope.

The video ends with teenagers who attend OTSC describing how it keeps them safe, off the streets and away from gangs and violence. "Don't give up on Chicago. Don't give up on the children. Don't give up on hope," closes the video.



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