Don't Forget To Advertise, Says Sanoma Media Finland

Sanoma Media Finland, publisher of more than 50 of Europe's consumer media titles, launched "Game of Potatoes," a medieval tutorial on how to advertise in the present day.

The 60-second ad, created by Hasan & Partners, opens with the words "Finland, 21st Century," as viewers watch villagers and traders haggle for deals at the town square.

Three potato sellers who look alike are desperately attempting to sell their potatoes, which also look alike. No one has success and fights break out -- but stop when a Swedish potato seller enters the market. The guy rides in on a painted cart, surrounded by trumpet players and fire breathers.

This seller has a carriage of "gold potatoes," which look exactly like the other sellers' potatoes, sans the pomp and circumstance. His secret weapon is selling the mashed potato, which sends everybody scrambling to buy the Swede's potatoes. The video ends with a valuable lesson: "Remember to advertise."



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