NEW! Be A 'Percent Donor,' Pleads Huawei Mobile

What begins as a PSA for a deadly disease or texting while driving is actually a humorous campaign for Huawei Mate 9. The ad also solidifies how utterly attached the world is to their smartphones.

A teenage boy talks about video chatting with his girlfriend. She asks the ultimate test question: "How do I look in this dress?" Before he can respond that he doesn't care what she's wearing because he loves her and she's always beautiful in his eyes, a low phone battery cuts out, so his love only hears the words, "I don't care." Ouch.

"Every year, too many people run out of battery," says the ad. Huawei Mate 9 can go two days straight without a charge, so offer your battery to help someone in need, with a multi-ended cable connected to the Mate 9 that can recharge four phones at the same time. Buzzman created the campaign.



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