IMM Partners With Sublime Skinz, The Trade Desk To Target Older Consumers

Digital marketing agency IMM on Thursday said it partnered with Sublime Skinz and The Trade Desk on a campaign to drive target consumers to a phone provider’s Web site.

The campaign was aimed at consumers that skew older, 55 being the average age, a demo difficult to introduce to new products through digital channels.

Working through The Trade Desk’s programmatic platform, IMM and Subline Skinz were able to drive an 86% increase in site traffic, and a 7% increase in last-touch sales.

To test the success of a skin-based approach, otherwise described as wallpaper advertising, the remainder of the programmatic campaign was “executed against tactics known to be lucrative methods for garnering high yields of cost-effective site traffic.”

With viewability an increasingly key metric in digital advertising, the skin-based approach offers a new, highly viewable advertising opportunity, according to the companies.

“The ability to execute programmatic skin buys provided insights about how to most effectively reach a customer previously thought to be inaccessible digitally,” stated Jenny Shi, programmatic supervisor at IMM.



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