NEW! Samsung's Academy Awards Ad Pays Tribute To 'The Rest Of Us'

Samsung tipped its hat to creatives on a budget with "Samsung Galaxy: The Rest of Us," which aired during the Academy Awards.

The 60-second ad stars YouTube personality Casey Neistat delivering his version of an award show acceptance speech in a dimly lit parking lot.

Neistat encourages fellow content creators to keep creating -- even if you're on a tight budget. Mind you, mobile phones aren't "cheap," unless you compare them to the fancy-pants cameras used by Hollywood directors.

As Neistat approaches the microphone, viewers watch directors of all ages creating quirky videos for the world to enjoy. It can be something as simple as a man recording his bench press session or something more elaborate, like a guy catching a football as he skydives. To the creator, it's all sharable, worthwhile content.

Vloggers create videos because they love to, not because they have to. Don't try and deter anyone from creating the next big Internet sensation; it will only push creators to prove naysayers wrong.

"Do What You Can't," closes the ad, created by Wieden + Kennedy.



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