SITO Mobile Bows Location-Data-Harnessing Product

Mobile marketing platform SITO Mobile on Thursday launched SITO LABS, which it said enables clients to tap SITO’s location-based data to improve their behavioral and analytics data about custom audiences and locations. The technology allows for two-way information sharing, with behavioral and location data informing marketing insights in real-time.

SITO LABS aims to monetize these potentially powerful data assets by offering marketers insights that will help inform their campaigns and targeting strategies. The company said its first customer for SITO LABS is Screenvision Media, the cinema advertising company.

While software-as-a-service (Saas) is becoming increasingly important in the ad-tech space, we're now seeing the emergence of data-as-a-service (DaaS) products.

“SITO Mobile’s launch of SITO LABS represents our initial steps toward productizing and monetizing our owned-and- operated data asset and is part of our broader efforts to leverage the complementary value of our data management platform and its  location-based mobile data,” stated Jon Lowen, SITO Mobile’s EVP of operations and product development. Lowen added that SITO LABS, in addition to the company's ability to deliver media and attribution in real time, will help clients plan, execute, and measure media spend.



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