NEW! Is Full Of Rewards, Says Captain Obvious

In the words of Captain Obvious, "Life isn't always rewarding, but is." The quirky company spokesman is back, promoting the Rewards Program that allows members to unlock immediate hotel savings while earning free nights to use at later dates.

In "Binge," a couple watches 10 seasons of a TV series nonstop. They haven't read the mail or showered, and they missed Grandpa's birthday and funeral. Soap, stat.

"First Date" is a riot. Rarely do people ever resemble their online dating pictures -- a fact clear to one woman when she meets her date for the first time. Online, he looks pensive and dreamy. In real life, he's wearing a wig and facial hair that's drawn on.

The final ad, "Drill Sergeant," shows a cadet being punished for looking at his phone. Rather than start his 50 push-ups, he asks his drill sergeant "What's in it for me?" Captain Obvious comes to his rescue and goes head-to-head with the sergeant. Playing a captain on TV does not outrank the sergeant.

CP+B created the campaign.



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