NEW! Johnsonsville Employees Launch Latest Round Of Company Ads

Am I the only one who thinks Johnsonsville must be a great company to work for? Employees pitch ad concepts and some are selected and made into actual ads. I do hope winning employees get a little extra something if their ideas are used -- cash, not extra product.

The latest "Made the Johnsonville Way" ads promote Johnsonville’s flame-grilled chicken and classic smoked rope sausage.

The first ad, "Ruben and the Receders," comes from Todd, an employee for almost 22 years. Johnsonville's flame-grilled chicken is given the '80s hairband treatment, with Ruben and members of his old '80s band rocking out like it's 1984, all in the name of Johnsonville's new grilled chicken.

The next spot, "Guess the Price of That Food," takes viewers back to the '70s game show phenomenon, thanks to employee Cole. Contestants highly overbid for the price of Johnsonville smoked rope sausage. When the winner finds out he's going home with a speedboat, he tells the host he's rather have the sausage. The host informs him that the boat is filled with smoked rope sausage, making everything OK. Droga5 created the campaign.



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