NEW! 'It's Not About The Trophies' For Elite MET-Rx Athletes

MET-Rx launched an ad campaign leading up to Thursday's 2017 NFL Draft. The 60-second spot, created by Droga5, stars Leonard Fournette, former star running back for LSU and projected top pick in the NFL Draft.

Trophies are great, but elite athletes are always looking for the next challenge to conquer. Viewers listen to Fournette as he waxes poetic about old trophies, forever encased in glass. While they show what an athlete has accomplished, the trophies sit in the same spot, day after day, collecting dust, and possibly some rust.

Fournette knows there's more to success than trophies; hard work is essential as is a new goal, once the previous one has been met.

"You can push forward or sit on the shelf, frozen, a relic," says Fournette, as trophies are destroyed by heavy weights and fire.

On Thursday, hours before Draft, Leonard will take over a live stream on the MET-Rx Facebook and Instagram pages, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look as he prepares for his big night.



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