Tapjoy Finds Strong Viewability For Rewarded Videos In Gaming Apps

Viewability rates for in-app video ads are pretty strong when it comes to rewarded video in gaming apps, according to Tapjoy.

The company  said its in-app video ads achieved 98% viewability in the first quarter, 81% completion rates, and high rates of audibility and viewability on completion (AVOC), which it claims outperform industry norms. In addition, the mobile platform said it’s partnering with Moat to offer the third-party measurement provider’s viewability and attention measurement products for video ads on its in-app inventory.

Tapjoy attributed the in-app performance rate to its exchange model which it said offers consumers access to high quality content and other rewards inside mobile games in exchange for watching videos and engaging with ads. It said that consumers are more receptive to receiving ads when they’re in a rewarded video situation.

Tapjoy’s findings are part of a report, “The Changing Face of Mobile Gamers: What Brands Need to Know,” which claims that consumers are twice as likely to say they feel relaxed when playing mobile games than they are when using social apps. They also say they feel more focused (35% vs. 11%), happier (34% vs. 21%), and more engaged (35% vs. 20%) on gaming apps than social networking apps.

“Attention is the scarce resource marketers are truly after, and mobile gaming represents a unique opportunity to capture that attention,” stated Jonah Goodhart, CEO and Co-Founder of Moat.

“Brands have been steadily increasing their mobile app ad spend for the past few years, but they're still not entirely confident in what kind of results they're getting on mobile because attention and performance isn't always so easy to measure,” Shannon Jessup, chief revenue officer, Tapjoy, told Real-Time Daily via email. She added that Moat is able to measure the most important metrics for marketers to feel confident in their mobile app ad spend.  

In addition, Moat is able to share with advertisers whether they’ve reached an actual human being vs. a bot, and whether that human actually viewed their ad. “What Moat's data says about Tapjoy's in-app performance is that not only are nearly 100% of our ads viewable -- because 100% of the video shows on the user's screen for 100% of the length of the ad -- but that our video completion rates are incredibly high as well. Mobile norms for in-app completion rates are barely above 50%, so our industry benchmarks by a wide margin,” Jessup explained.

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