BPA Worldwide Names PulsePoint Exclusive Programmatic Partner

Programmatic ad platform PulsePoint said BPA Worldwide has selected it to become its exclusive partner for a new business-to-business (B2B) private marketplace.

The not-for-profit provider of business media auditing services earlier this year said it would launch a private marketplace for B2B publishers to gain access to high quality B2B audiences.

The B2B Media Exchange will launch in the second half of the year and offer PulsePoint’s buyers access to audited B2B audiences.

BPA Worldwide believes the partnership will help address the growing gap between B2B demand and availability of media targeted to specific industry categories within the programmatic ecosystem. Individually, B2B publishers typically lack the scale necessary to qualify with technology partners. BPA Worldwide believes that together, its membership has collective reach, which will create a significant opportunity to engage targeted audiences.

PulsePoint said its real-time contextualization technology analyzes thousands of quality publishers at the page level to ensure ads appear next to relevant and brand-safe content -- an important factor for BPA’s audited B2B membership, which includes healthcare, banking/financial, information technology, and telecommunications publishers.

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