PlaceIQ Launches LandMark Location-Data Offering

PlaceIQ, an ad-tech company focused on location data, announced on Wednesday the official release of its LandMark data offering.

LandMark offers access to PlaceIQ’s audience, behavior and visitation data, informing marketing decisions across platforms and industries.

PlaceIQ’s dataset is built through the understanding of billions of location-enabled device movements on a daily basis.  

Clients using LandMark gain additional understanding of the real-world customer journey that can inform a host of marketing decisions, including media activation, cross-channel strategy, competitive positioning, retail site selection optimization and financial investments.

“PlaceIQ has always been passionate that the ultimate end goal for location data should be to allow brands to understand consumers in new ways,” Duncan McCall, the company's CEO and co-founder, told Real-Time Daily via email. “LandMark is the culmination of that vision and something we’ve been building and refining since we started the company.”

"It's a dynamic offering that allows you to answer questions about what's happening in the marketplace, like what share-of-visit for a brand looks like, how overall visitation is ebbing and flowing, and how brand health can be measured market-to-market,” stated Kelly Lundquist, manager, data strategy, Havas Media. 

Other companies that used Landmark for successful client engagements include Gas Station TV and The Media Kitchen. 

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