Mobile Searches Related To Mother's Day Rise 41% In 2017

Mobile searches related to Mother's Day -- as well as the amount spent by marketers on campaigns -- have risen by 41% in 2017 compared with last year, according to data released Monday.

NetElixir's analysis for Mother's Day search marketing data from the period of May 1-May 14, 2017 is based on 52.8 million impressions for campaigns running separately on mobile and desktop campaigns, and analyzes apparel and accessories, healthcare and wellness, flowers and gifts, food and gourmet, and handicrafts.

Paid search at 40.6% remains the last channel clicked prior to purchase, according to the data. Search engine optimization at 19.6% remains the No. 2 channel, with email next at 11.4%. The affiliates CSE, shopping and social channels combined rose 28.4%.

The data suggests that last-click attributions rose by nearly 18% for Facebook and Instagram campaigns compared with last year during the same period. It also assumes that 39% of online shopping activity occurred during the week leading up to Mother’s Day as reminders were picked up on social media either by ads or posts from friends.

NetElixir's data found that in 2016 women spent more than men, but this year men spent more than women. In fact, men spent 12% more this year compared with 2016, when women spent 18% more compared with the previous year.

People ages 35 to 44 spent the most money on mom, among both men and women. For men, 18- to-24-year-olds spent the least. For women, those ages 64 and older spent the least, which makes more sense. 

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